I just love Japanese ghosties!  These stickers are summertime stickers and Japanese ghosties come out in the summer, so the middle set of stickers show yuuuuureiiiiiiiiiii and obaaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeeeee.  Scary!

The rokurokubi is a ghostie that I am enamored with in particular.  (Shown at bottom of stickers.)  It is a beautiful woman whose neck can become very long….and she attacks her lovers!   So anyway, a while back I was thinking of a great plot for a book about a rokurokubi who desperately wants to kill her boyfriend but fights the desire because she loves him so.  Wait, isn’t that the plot of “Twilight”?  I haven’t read that particular book but if I can just sit down and write my YA novel I could be in for movie deals and big bucks!