I thought I would research a bit and see what books are considered beloved by Japanese. That site above is pretty nifty. You click on the age and browse the books. They have the book covers shown, so if you can’t read the Japanese you may still be able to figure out what book it is.

My son STILL loves me to read to him at night before we go to sleep. And I read aloud to him during the day pretty much every day. It’s not an obsession like in “The Reading Promise” (a girl’s father read to her at least fifteen minutes daily during her youth, even going to extremes like reading over the telephone.) I thought that he would grow out of it, but at age eleven he is still lovin’ it.

However, one thing I have to be wary of is to not overdo it when reading aloud to him. It’s so tempting to pick a book up at every opportunity, plow through the book, rush to get it finished and move on to the next one. Instead, I need to put down the book sometimes and chat, play, listen, or just be. Books are important, but communication and bonding are also important.


I love it when mom reads a book to me while I am playing legos, but I love it even more when she puts the dang book down and plays legos with me!

  (Unfortunately, playing legos for extended periods of time makes my brain explode, so eventually it’s back to the book……..)