My son passed his Eiken 5 test with flying colors, as I expected. Nevertheless, I really praised him. Great job!

When we were at the test site, I noticed that the other Eiken Level 5 test takers looked about his age–eleven years old. So I asked one of the staff there the approximate age of the test takers. She said eleven. So I guess we are not ahead of the game! I am really surprised that so many young kids are ready for this test at this age. Since public school has not been preparing them adequately, that means they must have been getting English from other sources, most likely juku and English schools.

I have already checked the dates I can apply for the next Eiken test–end of July, beginning of August. I’d like to get him up to the level of the test that he really belongs at. (Whatever that level may be.)

Meanwhile, I have been studying, studying, studying for the JlPT N2 test. I have come to the conclusion that I will most likely not pass it this July, so I am considering that particular test as practice. Hopefully I will pass it in December. In order to make time to study, I have drastically reduced my own reading for pleasure time. I used to read in my spare time. Now I study Japanese. I do miss reading, and after this test in July, I’d like to pick up a Japanese book and enjoy it rather than drill, drill, drill, memorize, memorize, memorize