I wore some rather expensive opal earring to work a while back and took them off when I got off. Lazy lazy me, I just lay them on the table. One earring fell off and I crushed it accidentally with my foot. So now it is broken.

I was really sad about this. I decided not to wear my nice jewelry anymore (to work, anyway) because it is just not worth it. I needed some cheap bling.

I went to my old standby, Shimamura, and got some faux diamond earrings. Very blingy. And now I just wear them all the time. Never take them off. I’ve never done this before in my life, I think when I was younger, the earrings hurt my head while I slept, but that doesn’t bother me anymore. So these bling are on 24/7.

I think having earrings on all the time just sort of brightens my appearance. I wish they were real diamonds, but after the Opal Incident of 2014, I am a little wary of expensive jewelry. I dunno, when I get back to America, I may see what I can find there because it is much more reasonably priced than Japan.

I enjoyed going to the Bling Store that sells all sorts of earrings, like this:

Alice in Wonderful earrings would have been way fun and cute when I was a tween, but I am just a little old for that now.  But it’s adorable, isn’t it?  Fashion jewelry has progressed since the eighties.  Awesome, Dude!