I have been studying the signs that I see trying to figure out the kanji in them.  For example, the above sign read “Gowaribikigonokakakudesu.”  That means “50 percent off the price.” * kakaku= price  5waribiki=50% discount (Something which is EXTREMELY handy to know in Japan!!!!!)

When my son was little, he would ask me “What does that kanji say on that sign?”  and I would have to say, “Uh, I don’t know.  Beats me.”  He learned pretty quick not to ask his momma. Nowadays, I ask him.  “What does that mean?  What does this kanji say?”  Usually, he knows, but not always.  We learn together.

By the way……speaking of 50 percent off frozen pineapple………….I have recently really been into buying frozen fruit to snack on.  I have a sweet tooth, so when I get the munchies I can reach into the freezer and get out something nice.  It’s not so bad price-wise at 50% off, and most supermarket have a certain day (or days) of the week when frozen food is heavily discounted.  At our Itoyokado it is Wednesday and Sunday.

In fact I am munching on frozen pineapple right now, which accounts for my sticky keyboard.  Oops!

*To be more precise, I think it is “This is the price after 50% has been taken off.” But I always just think “50% off. Yippee!”