I had no idea what that meant when I saw it as a book title. In its original English, the picture book is called, “This Is Not My Hat” by Jon Klassen.  But “Chigaunen” is not the translation of that title…..”Chigaunen” means “Different Year”, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I took it to Japanese class and was told that the book was written in Kansai dialect. It begins, “このぼうしぼくのとちがうねん。とってきてん。” (This is not my hat. I took it.) But since it is Kansai dialect, I can’t really understand it without my teacher’s explanation.

I thought the fact that it was written in Kansai dialect was strange–we live in Tohoku! How are little kids around here going to understand Kansai dialect? I guess they get it through TV from personalities like Sanma? We don’t watch too much of that kind of TV in our family, so I’m wondering if my son knows the basics of Kansai dialect. Well, I am sure he knows “aho” (foolish) but beyond that………wakarinen. (Or whatever.)

My teacher said that this was the first picture book she has seen in Kansai dialect. Maybe it’s a trend? And will Tohoku dialect be next? Because we all know that Tohoku ben is THE coolest around. 😉

Here is an interesting and informative site about Kansai dialect.  I myself know practically nothing about Japan Down Under.  I have heard they have good okonomiyaki.

Here are the links to the two books, in case anyone is interested.  It is way cute.

I want my hat back