My son left on his three day school trip. That means noisy sex date night for mama and papa!

Anyway, the following is a list of things that he needed.  I went through it and wrote the English next to it where I could, and then later asked my Japanese teacher the readings of the kanji that I did not understand.  (The underlined parts.)  Also, the notes are from when the teacher verbally told us in more detail about the list.  I picked up what I could from what she told me (for example, bento must be in disposable container).  I hope I got things right.  I feel like the school certainly doesn’t help me along much (considering Japanese is not my first language).  I have to figure things out for myself.


Above, list.  Below, the stuff ready to be packed in his duffel bag.


Adventures of a Chiba Mom blog really inspires and helps me, and I know she tries to help other gaijin, so I’ll do the same by providing the list of required items.  Then if people are in the same situation, it can perhaps help them.

School gym clothes 運動着 うんどうぎ

Red and white cap 帽子 ぼうし

Shoes 履きなれた靴 はきなれたくつ (shoes that have been worn in so they won’t hurt fee)

Bento 弁当 べんとう (The teach verbally us that it must be in disposable containers.)

Water Thermos 水道 すいどう (Must be water)

Raincoat  雨具 あまぐ (カッパ) The teacher said he MUST bring a kappa.  I was unsure what a kappa is exactly, so I showed his raincoat to the teacher and she said that it is a kappa.  So I guess any raincoat is a kappa?  Amagu means rainwear, including umbrella

Sports Bag スポッツバック

Backpack リュックサック

White School Shoes 上履き うわばき

Regular clothes 私服 しふく

Underclothes 下着類 したぎ

Socks 靴下 くつした

Windbreaker 防寒着 ぼうかんぎ

Sleep clothes 寝るときの服 ねるときのふく Can’t be pyjamas.  Regular clothes like sweats.  (Not sure why this is?)

Toothbrush Set 歯磨きセット はみがきセット

Soap, Shampoo せっけん シャンプー

Towels タオル

Handerchief and Tissues ハンカチ ちり紙 ちりがみ

Writing Utensils 筆記用具 ひっきようぐ

Guidebook しおり (provided by the school)

Work gloves 軍手 ぐんて (Commonly sold at places like 100 yen shops, convenience stores.)

Medicine 薬 くすり

Nylon Bags ナイロン袋

Flashlight 懐中電灯 かいちゅうでんとう