As I have previously posted, I am an Tosho Volunteer, which basically entails reading to a class once a week, and approximately once a month choosing books from the public library which are then placed in the children’s classroom for them to read for one month.

Today we had the first book reading, and it was for the teeny tiny first graders. So cute!

I was asked to do a finger play, so I revised the “One Potato Two Potato….” chant. I ended it with “Tickle!” instead of More and we tickled each other. It was a good change–the kids liked it.

Our small group of volunteers has decreased from six to just four. Pretty small number of moms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to reading in English to the kids. (I only do English with them.) I know last year when they wrote their “Thank you’s” many of the students stated that the English “lessons” were the highlight. I guess it is something they want, but can’t get easily. (Most don’t get private English classes, and the public school system does a bad job of doing English with them, IMHO. It is too little, too late.) I am kind of thinking that since I am so very popular, the public school system should offer me a job? I guess it doesn’t work that way! I guess they don’t look at an aging American mom as a valuable source of education for the children, perhaps, perhaps?