101_4974 Book suggestions from the children’s newspaper.

When I read a book to the children, I try to have an English copy and a Japanese copy. The Japanese volunteer reads the Japanese version and I read the English version.

Sometimes I haven’t been able to get both versions. For example, I couldn’t get the Japanese version of “Go Away, Big Green Monster!” The other volunteers brightly suggested, “Translate it!” which I did, into Japanese. PITA!!!!! I won’t be doing that again.

I couldn’t get the English version of Tomie Ungerer’s “The Three Robbers” So I looked for the words on Youtube. I don’t really like doing the read without the English version, though. I like the students to see the English words on the English page in the English book. English, kids, English!

Youtube has versions of books out there. I am not saying anything, but it is a nice way to get the words. KWIM? For example, with this words, I watched the video to see if I wanted to purchase the book.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZtrNYewSUY There are nice, more cartoony videos out there on youtube if you want your kid to enjoy the story via youtube. However, I wanted to see the ACTUAL book so I could know what was in it EXACTLY. So this video suit my purposes.