These bags of chocolate were on sale at the international store, Jupiter.  They were 400 and something yen each, so still not super cheap.  More expensive than regular Japanese chocolate.

However, I got them because I want my son to be familiar with American chocolate.   A while back he said, “What’s a kiss?”  referring to Hershey’s Kisses.  Oh, the shame!!!!

So every day I give him an afternoon school snack, something like nuts, dried fruit and a piece of chocolate.  I keep the chocolate in the fridge because it is becoming summer and I don’t want them to melt.

However, I tasted the little miniatures.  (I haven’t opened the Kisses yet.)  Honestly………….they don’t taste as good as Meiji or Lotte.  It’s not my imagination.  I should do an official taste test.  However, the Krackle miniature really reminds me of Palmer’s Chocolate, a cheapie brand that the international store sells and tastes rather low quality.

Hmmm…..I am on a diet, so I can’t really explore the world of chocolate.  However, it was a little disappointing that my beloved American chocolate doesn’t taste as good as I remembered!