I previously stated on this blog that I passed N2 long ago, before they changed the test. However, I was mistaken. I passed N3, which is easier than N2. In 2010, they changed the tests completely, and so everything is different now anyway.

So I am embarking on N2.

Several months ago I bought two booklets of practice tests at a bookstore, each one containing a N1 and a N2 actual test from a previous year.

Yesterday I sat down and took the N2.

Kanji was easier than I expected. Listening was harder. (I haven’t had time to study listening–I’ve been focussing more on kanji and grammar.)
Grammar felt like I was completely guessing. (Though when I graded it, I surprisingly got more than I expected correct.)

When I did reading comprehension–well, I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it. It was too difficult for me. I honestly felt like crying. So my tactic for the real test is to do the best I can for reading comprehension, but if I have to guess, then guess. No point in having a total panic attack in the testing room.

Okay, anyway, when I was tallying my points, I ran into a problem. It didn’t mesh up with the required number of points. I checked the JLPT website……..and discovered…..

that I was taking a test from 2009! It was from BEFORE they revised the test! So basically worthless for practice test purposes. Gosh darnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

Why, oh why, do I purchase first and research later? 😦