The teacher stopped by today. She said that he (my son) is just as good at school as a Japanese child. Nihonjin ni makenai!

I’m not 100% sure that is true. His kanji/Japanese level doesn’t reach the heights of the other kids, something I am constantly aware of. I expressed my concern to the teacher. She didn’t think it was a problem, but despite everything it is something I am always conscious of.

She said he is awesome in math. This I already knew. He gets good math scores, and one day recently he told me that he likes math and he couldn’t understand why I don’t like math.

He reminds me of my dad, minus the Asperger’s tendencies. Both were raised bilingually and both excelled at math. I don’t think there is a link between their bilingualism and math skills (despite what research may say.) I think they are just both numbers people. (MANY of the men in my family are math people. Practically all.)

Anyway, that was the katei homon. Short and sweet. I know that is the way the teacher likes it!