Last week my son asked me why we can’t live in a bigger place. Our home is small by American standards. It’s got an area downstairs (basically one big room downstairs–living, dining, kitchenette) and three room upstairs.) It’s not teeny tiny by Japanese standards, but definitely not big. We live in the downtown area, if we lived further in the outskirts of town, we’d have a bigger place.

I was looking at the photos of small wonderful homes for inspiration. It sparks my imagination.

To tell the truth, I far prefer the homes that look lived in. You know, bookshelves, boxes, drawers that hide away the belongings. With the sparse, minimal layouts, I wonder, “Where the heck is their stuff? And don’t they have kids? Probably not.”

Once you have a kid, their belongings just….take over. First cribs and baby stuff. Then little Tonka cars and Pokemon toys. Then Ultraman dolls and video games. We try to hide it away, but, like the creatures of Toy Story, they are always coming out to play. It’s as if they are alive.