I was on the hunt for some cropped pants that actually FIT my size 12 frame.  I knew regular stores around here were out.  They go up to maybe size eight?   I am not sure why, since I see plenty of larger Japanese women (my size or bigger.)

I went to Shimamura.  I tried on some men’s pants and actually they were okay, but too short at the crotch.

Then I found their larger size women’s pants.  First, I tried on 3L.  Too small!  Then 4L.  Just right!  And exactly right, no wiggle room at all.  It doesn’t go up to 5L, so I can’t get any fatter or I won’t have anything to wear.

At top is the new hat I bought at Itoyokado.  It was expensive.  (3,500 yen, on sale from 5,000 yen.)  However, my old hat, which I wore for years and years, came from the 100 yen shop and frankly I am sick of it. But price-wise each hat costs on average 1,750 yen, so I figure I come out even.

All the women wear hats in sunny weather here.  It is to protect their skin from turning white, age spots, cancer and so on.  I think it is a great idea.  When we went to the amusement park last summer in the States, I was amazed that women in the U.S. don’t usually wear hats.  Not smart!