Next week is “Home Visit” (Katei Houmon) when the teacher visits the homes of students. So we signed up for it, and this past week we got the list. A whole bunch of names were on a couple of days, and three names (including my son’s) were on two other days. One day-one name One day-two names.

So basically I thought: All the good kids are bunched up together on the same days! She goes to their house, gives a thumbs up, and says, “Great job!” But the bad kids are on the two other days and she has to have long discussions with their parents about how to improve and so on.

(Confusing? right?)

I asked the teacher about it and she said that ONLY THREE PEOPLE SIGNED UP FOR THE HOME VISIT. (Our family and two others.) So it is not that my son is “bad” or struggling, it is simply that we are among the very few who do this whole katei houmon thing!

The other names are listed because she will check where their houses are, that’s all. No going inside. No talking to the mom. No sitting on the sofa and glancing around to see if it’s clean enough.

I asked her about how he is doing at school and she said everything is fine. He really hangs in there and gets his stuff done. She told me there is no need to worry. (I do, anyway.)