Anyway, we got the Wii U Fit home and I instructed my son to set it up. He got it going, except he put in my weight, Daddy’s height, and his (my son’s) gender so it would be a mix of all three of us. So yeah, it is already messed up! LOL

I asked if there was an English setting and he said no. That doesn’t mean there isn’t, it just means that he doesn’t think there is. An English setting would be nice because there is an awful lot of language. Nothing you can’t figure out if you don’t push enough buttons, but still English would be nice.

Okay, we got it started. And it was fun! Not a real workout, but a fun thing to do.

I told my son I just wanted to find the walking setting (I envision using the Wii U Fit on really hot days). After all on the box, there was a photo of a man walking. We found the walking (for me) and running (for my son) game and yeah it was fun. There was a bicycling game I wanted to try because I am an avid cyclist. Well, it is not really like cycling but it did give me a bit of an exercise.

So it look like it will be worth the money, hours of enjoyment and all that. Now off on my real (outdoor!) walk.