Wii U Fit  My son loves it.


The toy we actually went to TRU for.  My son loves it.



Well, ever since I posted about my weight, I have been wanting to slim and trim down a bit. I walk forty minutes a day religiously, and on the weekends my son and I do the walk together. But I have been wanting, desiring, coveting the Wii Fit for a long time. And now that the weather is getting hot, I decided to buy one.

My husband wanted to buy it off the Internet (which is how he shops.) But I prefer to support real stores, so we went to Toys R Us to get it there. (Actually, my son wanted to buy a toy which was the real reason we went there. The Wii Fit was a bonus.)

I did no research prior to buying, and the sales guy at TRU was as clueless as I was. He got together the Wii Fit DVD and pedometer in one box and the steppy thingy in another, totalling 15000 yen. Pricey, I thought.

After purchasing, I went back into the store to get my son and saw a bundle–DVD, pedometer, and steppy thing together for 10000! So a huge reduction in price.

I showed the salespeople the difference and they were great and exchanged it. So in that way, TRU rocked. (But not as knowledgeable as Yamada Denki, which I had previously shopped at and sort of asked them a bit about Wii Fit.)

The Step Thingy is heavy and I said, “The first step in getting fit is carrying this thing home.” No kidding. Don’t buy one and plan to bike home. (Which I actually almost did. Silly me. That really would have required balance and strength extraordinaire. )

Well, we now have a Wii Fit in our house, so I will blog about it tomorrow.