Is Judy Blume even a “thing” anymore? When I was a pre-teen, she was IT.

I was more of a Beverly Cleary kind of gal, but I did enjoy Blume’s books, even if they weren’t absolute favorites. Sometimes her books were TMI, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I downloaded “Blubber” on my kindle and started reading it to my son. Right away he stops me at the word “pudgiest” and asks me what kind of book this is.

“Uh….this is about bullying.”
“They say books about bullying are bad.”
“Who is they?”
“The kids at school.”

To be honest, after I had downloaded the book, I had read the reviews (my method: buy first, reseach later 😉 and the reviews generally reminded how spiteful, depressing, and mean-spirited this book is. It was my least favorite Blume book when I was a kid. The kids in this book were just too mean. Still I think it is a worthwhile book (although I haven’t read it in years and years.)

So I asked my son if he wanted me to continue reading it and he said No, that bullying books are bad. (Rolling my eyes at that one.)

I returned it to amazon, with a future plan to buy and read the same day, so that if my son doesn’t like it I can return it.