Sendai City feels like a mini-Tokyo. Tall buildings and rushing people. Fukushima City is so sleepy compared to Sendai. By reguar train, it is about an hour and fifteen minutes away from FC. By Shinkansen, it is about fifteen minutes. Sendai City is the metropolis of Tohoku!


Maruzen bookstore–right next to the station.  A good supply of English books and materials, but ironically not as many English books as Koriyama’s bookstore.  (Far more than Fukushima City’s!  I think our bookstore gave up the game a long time ago.)

However, I did notice that Maruzen in Sendai City had a fairly decent supply of various languages–not only English books. German? French? I did not look really hard, so I don’t know what foreign languages they offered.


Got this world map in English.  I had researched the maps in English on the internet, but I prefer to buy from an actual bookstore, if possible.


Sendai City is famous for this special kind of meat.  This is a gyutan bento.  (1,500 yen)


Can you guess what part of the cow this comes from?  My son loves it!


Sendai Orthodox Church, nestled among the modern buildings.


At Bookoff, they had secondhand books, toys and clothes.  Really nice and environmentally friendly.

(gyutan is cow tongue)