It wasn’t that bad, really. Spent most of the day lazing on my plastic mat, popping up occasionally to watch my son compete. Not a terrible way to spend a day in May.

I will say that EVERY SINGLE YEAR we have some sort of crisis situation the morning of Sports Day. Last year it was the hachimaki and this year it was my son’s shorts. It turned out that they were way too loose–and he was informing my husband and me the morning of the competition! My husband was prepared to teach him a lesson and let his pants fall down during the Sports Day, but then relented and threaded a string through the shorts to tighten them up.

Then after Sports Day, my son told me he had the wrong shoes! And he had probably had the wrong shoes since Koteki Parade! So he was wearing a size 22.5 when he normally wears a 24.5. Ouch! (All the kids must wear white shoes, so they got mixed up with another kids’ shoes.)
Here’s Horrid Henry, who hates his Sports Day!