After we came back from the U.S. last January, I was browsing in bookstore in Tokyo and saw info about the Eiken Step Test. (A series of tests for evaluating the English knowledge of Japanese people.)

I though, “Hey, maybe my son should take it! Why not?”

Well, I had JUST missed the deadline, so I had to wait until now to apply for him. I registered him for the Eiken 5 test–the very easiest one.

I had previously told my two Japanese teachers my plans, and they said it was too easy for him. I said, Yes, but I want to start him at the very beginning and work up. My feeling is that if he passes Eiken 5, he can only get confidence and joy. Whereas if I start him at a higher level and he fails, he will just feel frustrated.

Anyway, I bought the Level 5 practice book of previous tests. Well, I looked at it and it is SUPER EASY. As in “Do you like apples?” “Yes, I do.” Plus it is super duper short. I was like–is this the entire test? Surely, there is more? No, the entire test is extremely short.

Nevertheless, I was undaunted. I gave my son the practice test and he got–you guessed it– a perfect score. So I am not really worried about the real thing.

But then……….I went to Japanese class again and mentioned the test again. My teacher said, “Oh, my grandson took that and passed it in third grade!” (My son is the same age as her grandson and they are in sixth grade.)

I asked if her son attended English classes. She said, No, he went to Kumon Juku a bit. So her learned the English there.

Felt kind of 😦 after that. My son is going through a too easy test. Oh well. Mistakes happen.