I think it is easy in the blogging world to pretend that everything is perfect and on track and this multilingualism is working out perfectly. But as life goes, there are kinks in the plan.

And one of our kinks is speech issues.

My son has trouble with the voiced TH sound (as in “they” or “mother”)

He has had trouble with it for a long, long, long time. (Since he is now eleven, let’s just say it has been a really long time. Like all his life.)

Why didn’t I do anything about it? First, we live in Japan and speech therapy for English doesn’t come easy here. They don’t even have voiced TH in Japanese. Second, I kept thinking HE WILL GROW OUT OF IT.

Let me repeat. I kept thinking HE WILL GROW OUT OF IT.

I have come to realize that…………..he won’t.


With the help of google and yahoo, I have launched speech therapy at home. We have been doing it this week, and I am really noticing an improvement.

I don’t know why I did not do this much, much, MUCH earlier.

I think I thought that speech therapy was something for professionals, something I couldn’t do because I was just an average person. In truth, there is a lot of info out there on the web. So if your child has a speech problem and has reached the age where it should have cleared up, then don’t delay.

I will post later about what we actually did during our Speech Therapy at Home sessions. Stay tuned.