The gift shop


Some postcards that I bought.  I’ll decorate our sliding glass door with them.

Currently, our local art museum is hosting an art exhibit of illustrations from picture books from around the world. Very nice! I knew it was the type of exhibit that I would want to see again and again, so I bought a yearly pass to the museum. Now, I am wondering why I did not buy the pass much, much earlier.

With a yearly pass, I can go as often as I like. Therefore, I can go by myself and leisurely stroll through the exhibit, and then later with my son and go at his pace.

I have often not enjoyed art exhibits with my son because we go at different speeds. And then I think of the the expense (for both me and him) and I get all grumbly and discontent. With a yearly pass, this will solve that problem.

However…….I did notice that in the past year, my son has really slowed down his pace at art exhibits and examines the paintings slowly. So I think he is maturing. Nevertheless, I am still pleased I got the yearly pass. Worth the money! (3,000 yen for myself.)