True Confessions Time: I wear an American Size 12. In America, this is on the skinny side of fat. But in Japan, I’m on the fat side of an elephant. Whatever that means, but it’s true. Just paint me gray and stick me in a zoo.

I have nothing to wear. Regular stores don’t accomodate my…..largeness.

Uniqlo–stops at American size 8
Gap–stops at American size 10
Talbots–stops at American size 12

Okay, Talbots has clothes for the “bigger” lady. In fact, the saleslady there once confided to me that women shop there for the large sizes. But Talbots is almost 1 man yen (100 dollars) for a pair of cropped pants.

Thus, Shimamura. The cheap store. The Walmart of fashion.

I wear LL there, practically their largest size. And there are not many LL at all. The cropped pants in size LL all have elastic waists as if to drive home the point, “Wow, you are unbelievably FAT! Shinjiraremasen this lady’s tummy!”