Japan doesn’t really do couponing much. It also doesn’t really do those after-holiday sales, either. (You know, the day after Christmas when candy is 75 percent off.) But what it DOES do is point cards.

These are some of my point cards.


Stores absolutely love to give them to customers. Each time you shop at that store, you get points. After a kajillion points, you get a discount. I find point cards a PITA because I never can find them in my wallet and never spend enough anyway to get the required kajillion points for my measly 300 yen discount (or whatever.)

The only point card worth having for me is our local grocery store. I shop there almost every day, so the points add up fast. Each time I get a 300 yen coupon, I cheer and go a bit crazy with happiness. You can tell, those cashiers love me. LOL

And my point is? I’m like a broken pencil. I don’t have one. 🙂