May 5 is Children’s Day in Japan. It used to be “Boys’ Day” but it of course has been changed. There are usually fun events on that day in Japan. This candy is especially for Children’s Day. Yum!



One thing that amazes me is that Americans have asked me if only one child is allowed per family in Japan. NO! NO! The answer is NO! Japan is desperate for children. I don’t know the economics of it too well, but we have a huge amount of elderly people being supported by a scant number of young people, and it will get worse in the future.

That’s because families were large back during WWII and have steadily decreased so that now one (cough cough) or no children is normal. You don’t often see families with more than three children. (Although there are some large families. A fellow library volunteer is giving birth to her fifth child soon. That number of children is postively ginormous in Japan.)

So anyway, Japan is NOT China–no one child policy here!