You look delicious

Today my son and I saw a puppet play based on this famous book.  “Omaeumasou”  It is about a t-rex who wants to eat a baby dinosaur, but ends up becoming his father figure.  There is also an animated movie based on the book, which we also saw years ago when it first came out.  I love the style of illustrations in the book.  Unfortunately, the movie was not in the same style, and I felt that it (the movie) was ho-hum.  The play, on the other hand, was quite good.  A little “young” for my son, but still enjoyable.

They don’t often translate Japanese books into English and publish them.  Really unfair, considering all the American books you can buy in Japan.  In America, they are really missing out on some excellent foreign books.  (We have so many foreign books–translated into Japanese–at our library, that there is a Japanese author section and a separate foreign author section.)