Steve needs some help. He is writing a story. His character is in a dungeon. It is deep, dark, and creepy. The character is exploring the dungeon to see just how deep, dark, and creepy it is. Describe the dungeon for Steve.

Oh, our essay book knows that we are Minecraft fans! Steve! Creepy! Dungeon! My son was so excited he attacked this writing assignment with unprecedented enthusiasm. “Steve was walking untel he saw a creeper…….” and so on. I think he wrote the most he has ever written.

I did not want to dampen his enthusiasm by pointing out his errors. What I usually do is incorporate the misspelled words into his spelling list. (untel)

But I am thinking of buying the same exact essay book, and having him write his rough drafts in one, and then the perfect essays in the other book. It’s a thought. I don’t really need to buy another essay book, but I like the neatness and continuity of it. Hmmmmmmm……..


What Would Steve Do?

(Probably pull out his diamond sword and hack that essay to pieces.)