Yesterday I had Japanese class all morning, which I always enjoy. After a quick lunch, I next attended activities all afternoon at my son’s school. First parents watched a Japanese class, next were lots of meetings over various subjects.

Whew! I was exhausted by the end of the day and wanted to hear no more Japanese!

During the observation class and the meetings, I had my electronic dictionary with me so I could look up words. However, especially during the meetings, the words are often too fast to catch. (Still, I am proud to say I understand quite a bit.)

I love my dictionary and it is really helpful in these situations. Some bad advice I got long ago (from a fellow foreigner) was to NOT bring the dictionary. Just learn the words by context and, I guess, but osmosis. I have tried this method and it doesn’t work for me. I just tend to zone out. But with my dictionary, I am more of an active listener.

Adore my dictionary! I sing its praises!!!!! What a wonderful device!!!! (((Heart Heart Heart))) 提灯持ち means brown noser (chouchinmochi)