I just love this blog: http://adventuresofchibamom.blogspot.jp/ and she gave me the idea of posting pics of my son’s textbooks. Last year I posted about his English book only.


The above photo is a random page of his math text.


This is a random page of social studies.


This is English.  Not exactly random, I liked this layout.

His English class is a bit of a joke.  They barely used the text last year and the class is frequently cancelled.  I know my son is getting English from me, but I wish his classmates were getting better English lessons.


This is music.  Again not random.  Most of it songs, but I thought this layout was interesting.


Japanese.  The whole book looks like this.  (text)  I think this may be one of the more colorful pages which is why I chose it.


Home Ec.  (I heard a joke on the Disney channel last night.  “I’ve taken Home Ec three times and I still can’t figure out what Ec means.”





Actually there are two more books:  P.E. and something else.  I was getting tired of taking photo after photo so I stopped.  I’m not really sure they actually use their P.E. books anyway.