Easter books in the English book section in a bookstore in Sendai City. I did not buy any because they are below my son’s level. But I hovered over them quite a long time.



Wow!  This is the first year I have found Easter candy at a regular supermarket in Japan.  (Not the international supermarket.)  I was pretty excited.  Little things make me happy!  LOL

Since Japan is not really a Christian country, Easter is not “done” here. But what the heck–that did not stop Christmas from becoming entwined in Japanese culture. Companies that sell items like the above Koala March Easter cookies know a lucrative business opportunity when they see it, I guess. So I wonder if Easter is headed in the same decoration as Christmas and Halloween in Japan?

Anyway, I am just enjoying being able to get some colorful Easter snacks. I am not complaining! 😉