We went to the DVD rental chain, Tsutaya this weekend. While purchasing an item, we received a coupon for five free manga rentals.

Manga? I did not know that Tsutaya rented out comic books. I always assumed that area in the far back of the store was for the adult DVD’s. Actually it is manga!

So we looked at the manga, and my son picked out five. I could not find any in English, but that’s okay. My son positively devours Japanese manga, and I hate buying them. He reads one so quickly and then just sort of tosses it aside.

I can’t remember the price exactly, but I think it was 100 yen for one book for one week. A good deal!

The books were clean and not icky (booger-free), so they passed my son’s stringent hygienic standards. The only thing he pointed out to me was a torn page.