The online photo was tricky. It kept telling me my head was too big/too small. Could it be the fact that I am really a three-headed alien with eyeballs growing out of my antenna that was messing it up? 😉 🙂 😀

Anyway, as I told my husband, I am taking it this summer, but I am not planning to pass. I think I should pass next December.
He said to think positively, of course I will pass.

I am just being realistic though. I am quite sure I will not be able to get through all the Somatome Books before July 6, despite studying constantly. And what’s more, according to the JlPTbootcamp blog, the Somatome books aren’t enough. They are not as hard as the test really is. After finishing the Somatome books, I’ll need more study, probably the Kanzen Master.

Oh well, here’s hoping, anyway.

I think it is good that my son sees me diligently studying. Much better memory of his childhood than, “My mom always watched TV and surfed the internet.” However, I am not letting my studying interfere with my time with him. I put down the drill books and pick up a read-aloud when he is around. Or I sit down with him and see what he is interested in. (Currently Minecraft.) For his English to bloom, he needs lots of watering and fertilizer and sunlight.

(The deadline for applying for the JLPT is the end of April!)