My son has really been into Aesop’s Fables recently, and has been begging me to tell them. I downloaded a free book of the various tales on kindle because of course I can’t really remember them very well off the top of my head. (Love the kindle for that!)

So I was telling him this one:

A Satyr and a man are good friends. On a cold wintry day, the man blows on his hands. The Satyr asks “What are you doing?”
“I am warming my hands,” the man responds.
Then later the man is eating hot soup. He blows on it. “What are you doing?” the Satyr asks again.
“I am warming my soup,” says the man.
The Satyr then says, “I can no longer be friends with a person who blows both hot and cold.

My son listened to this. Then he told me that everybody can do it, it’s the shape of the mouth that determines whether we blow cold air or hot air. He opened his mouth wide and blew on my wrist. The air was warm. He pursed his lips and blew on my wrist. The air was cool. A wide open mouth=hot air A small mouth=cold air

Okay, what was the moral of this story? I forget. But anyway, we got an Aesop’s tale for my son and a science lesson for momma!