“Mommy Mommy English school” we call it.

We saw a commercial on TV for some English school, and my son said, “Mommy English school is better than that one!” And yes he is right….roll out of bed, do English with somebody who loves loves loves you, and pays you money at the end of the week if you don’t complain too much. What could be better?

Anyway, I have changed some stuff in the lineup. So an update is much needed.

First of all, I have gotten rid of the Dude Journal. Not thrown it in trash “rid of it”, but tucked it in a drawer. It was not really teaching much English, and my son was not enjoying it as much as I thought. Apparently he doesn’t like writing conversations between cockroaches, and so on.

So this is the lineup: (in no special order)

Spectrum Writing: really like this book. Replaces the Dude Diary. Real writing of essays, rather than cockroach conversations. I realized now I should have worked harder on his writing since it is his weak point.

Scholastic Success with Reading Tests: I have read in some reviews that this book is too easy, but I like the way there is a new little teeny tiny essay every day. We don’t have time for a whole lot. A little is best.

Explode the Code: I am embarrassed that we have still not finished this series. Due to being lazy at the beginning. We are doing the half books.

Scholast 240 Vocabulary words kids need to know: I like this book so far.

New Horizons: I surprisingly like it.

Spelling: I get words from a word list off the internet and plus I try to include words that I notice he has misspelled. His spelling is poor, due to the fact that he is not a big reader.

There you have it. Would like to do more. But oh well.

Plus reading to him from Farmer Boy. Also doing Doraemon together (the bilingual series) which he loves! I never knew how funny Doraemon is! 🙂 Definitely recommend it.