Neato. Except there is no furigana. (Furigana enables me to read the kanji.)

I NEED the furigana. That’s the whole reason why I read the kids’ newspaper–so it can help me learn the kanji.

My son and I went to a neighboring city for a robot exhibit today, and I read the Yomiuri Kodomo Shinbun the whole journey on the train. Tired. I am tired.

What kind of reward do I deserve when I work extra hard on my Japanese? Something chocolately, I hope.

(And I am not even finished for today. I’ll study grammar during my son’s Aikido class. I want to pass N2 in July–that’s my goal anyway. That means I really got to buckle down and study non-stop. I don’t know if I can pass it because it is quite hard, but if not in July, then hopefully in December.)