Since we go to the United States at least once a year, I have easy access to brand name clothes like Ralph Lauren and Nike for my son. They are so much cheaper in America! I actually saw a Ralph Lauren toddler shirt in a Japanese department store for $80 (8,000 yen)–it was the exact same shirt I had bought in the States for twenty dollars!

Anyway, I feel that I have to be careful dressing my son in brand names. I don’t want him to be too different. Nike is prestigious in Japan, but it is not often worn where we live. I usually put him in no-name Japanese clothes on school days and brand-name American imports on holidays.

Now that my son is older, he refuses to wear certain clothes to school. (Holidays are okay, though.) For example, he won’t wear his Mario t-shirt or his Angry Bird t-shirt, because NOBODY at his school has such rockin’ stuff and he would really stick out. (We live in a pretty working class area, I guess? I think in parts of Tokyo, kids dress pretty spiffy?)

Okay. Now we get to the booger part. My son has two winter jackets: a Japanese Kaepa one, and an American Nike one. I asked him “Why don’t you wear your Nike jacket today?” (I noticed he has not worn it for a long time.) He said that he wore it to school once and a certain boy “Goro” threw boogers on it. So now my son refuses to wear it.

Whatever. It is a beautiful jacket, but yeah I guess it is just too high class for his class.

I think I’ll “pretend” to get it dry-cleaned and maybe he will wear it next winter.