Youtube has lots of wonderful videos. It is a great resource. Recently my son has enjoyed searching for video games and watching (and listening to) the walkthroughs.

I sit near him and keep one eye on what he is doing. And with good reason….

There are some weird things on Youtube. Weird stuff that we just don’t want our kids to see.

For example, my son was looking at video on the Ipad and I was sitting next to him. The sound was set low (by the video maker, not by my son) and I got suspicious for some reason. So I took the Ipad from him. Then suddenly the video changed to a ghastly face from some horror movie, accompanied by a scream!


I told my son he should have noticed the signs: no rating system for the video, and lots of “WTF?” comments by other viewers.

So we have to be careful with youtube. It’s an incredibly strong power, especially in the wrong hands.