My son is currently crazy about Minecraft, so I researched the books available about the game. The one that I wanted to order was listed as “English/Welsh.” What did that mean, I wondered. Half English and half Welsh? Bits of Welsh here and there? After researching, I ordered and received the book. Well, there is not a BIT of Welsh in the book. NOT A BIT.

The reason why I was so nervous is that once I ordered “The Dangerous Book for Boys” from Amazon. The cover was entirely in English and I did not think twice about it. I clicked it and when I received it–its contents were entirely in German! So I looked at the book info on Amazon, and indeed it did say in Japanese: “German Language.” Well, talk about not reading the fine print.

I don’t read German, so I returned the book (paying the shipping costs 😦 ) and it was just so annoying. My fault, I guess, so I didn’t complain to Amazon. But now I try to remember to check the language.

It’s this book: Funny, it has German there now! Was that there before? I don’t remember. Anyway, somebody else left a review with the same problem I had, so obviously it’s not just me making that mistake!