An old vending machine fairly near our home.  Dating from the eighties?  I think I want a coffee!  古い自動販売機。コーヒーはいかがですか?


Visited the art museum yesterday.  I think the painting on the bottom is especially cute.  美術館にいきました。かわいいね。

I was pretty late on the Facebook train, mostly because every time I went to Facebook, it was automatically in Japanese for me and I was too lazy and dumb to take the time to figure out how to register. Finally I got it sorted out and now I am one of that nerdy guy’s (Whatshisname?) minions.

I do like it very much for posting photos so people can see how my life is going. It’s a nice way to keep in touch.

I also have discovered it is a nice way to practice my Japanese. I know I am pretty lazy about translating to Japanese on this blog, but on Facebook I translate (sometimes loosely) all my photo captions into Japanese. So I write in both English and Japanese. I have Japanese friends on FB and it is for their benefit. I know personally when I see Japanese it becomes a big blur and I don’t read it. So I assume it is the same for Japanese people to read English. (Or at least some Japanese people.)

Like I said, it is really good practice. でっしょう。。。

Facebookは私の日本語の練習です。政界中でどこでも人々が外国語が練習を出来ます!いいですね!  Using Facebook (and other forms of the internet) people all over the world can practice foreign languages.  What a wonderful world we live in!  🙂