I know I have posted about this, but I have the premium subscription to Japanese Pod 101 and am just loving it. It’s really good study material for me.

I listen to the lower intermediate levels, which are discussed in English, with my son. He learns various stuff. Just for example, the site translated, “cho” as “extremely”. So knowing that “cho” is slangy, my son asked me if the word extremely is casual. He wanted to know if it was really the equivocal of cho. (Which I guess it is not, since it is not slang.) So my son learns from listening with me.

So……I had the bright idea of listening to English Class 101 with my son. This site is owned by the same company. I thought we could listen to fun and cool English dialogues and explanations.

Well……the English site is just not as good the Japanese site, IMO. The Japanese site’s English discussion is funny and off the cuff, but the English site’s discussion is obviously read aloud from a script and not very interesting. I was bored. My son was bored. We were both bored.

Needless to say, I did not pay any money for English class 101 (the first week is free. After that, some things are free.) There is plenty available on the Internet in English. So I don’t need the Englishclass101 site!