The nice thing about Lent is that if you have forgotten your New Year’s Resolution, you can make it up by making a Lenten Promise!

My Lenten Promise is 1) to exercise regularly! 2) to study Japanese more! 3) look as super hot as an old middle-aged lady can!

1) I already try to walk forty minutes a day. Well, EVERY SINGLE DAY from now on! No skipping! No missing! I can do it!

2) I already study Japanese every day. But I am stepping up my game. With the test looming ahead this summer, I want to get through my textbooks. がんばっれ! Ganbare!

3.) Fly Lady says to get dressed every day to your shoes. Well, hopefully I can do more than THAT! I’d like to look spiffy every day. That means makeup, nice hair, and nice clothes, every day! What a nice gift to my husband! And to my self!