My son is bilingual. Our experiment has been successful. Yay!

He can speak both English and Japanese with ease, and can read and write in both languages. But what is something that we are constantly working at? Vocabulary!

It’s hard to get new vocabulary here in Japan. The natural tendency is to just say “I’m hungry.” rather than…

“I’m famished!”
“I’m starving!”
“I could eat a horse!”
“I’m ravenous!”
“I’m feeling rather peckish today.”
“My stomach is emptier than the Grand Canyon!”
“I’ve got the munchies.”
“I could use a bite to eat.”
“I’ve got the rumblies in my tumblies.”

There are so many nice alternatives!

So I try to say things like, “I’m thirsty! My throat is so parched!” or “You have a lot of self-control. That means you can wait a long time.” I insert words that I think are difficult with the goal of improving my son’s vocabulary.

Recently I have been checking the words on this site. It’s kind of a reminder of what words are out there.



。  英語と日本語の勉強はおっくうですけど、大切です!

Here are some nice websites for learning English vocab: This is for teens learning English. There is one for kiddies as well. Isn’t this cute? What a wonderful site。 My son loves to help the hungry!