The Japanese-English dictionary that I use all the time is an older model electronic dictionary. It’s quite a dinosaur. However, recently I looked at new electronic dictionaries at Yamada Denki Computer Store and the new models have so many bells and whistles that they are confusing to me. I realized I am fine with my old dinosaur dictionary. It’s big, black, and clunky, not sleek and silver. But it does the job for me. Basically

The big problem I have with it (and the same would hold true with a new model dictionary) is that it is meant for Japanese people, not for native speakers of English. That means when I enter an English word, the translation often appears in kanji, which I usually can not read. So that’s really a problem for me.

I don’t think they make electronic Japanese-English dictionaries for native speakers, that I am aware of. I think they might have apps but I don’t really use our Ipad much.

Anyway, so I felt it was time to buy a new English-Japanese dictionary. This is the one that I owned: It was fine when I was a beginner, but now it just doesn’t do the trick. Every time I look up a word, it is not in there.

So I bought this dictionary: I have it a while now–I received it the day after I ordered it!

The first word I looked up was “scab”. That’s the word that prompted me to buy the dictionary. It was listed! Hoorary! Scab is kasabuta (かさぶた) Next (and I am revealing my juvenile thought processes), I looked up the word “fart” It is translated as “he o suru” (へをする)  Hello! Everybody knows the word for fart is onara ( おなら) Oh well. Strike one for the dictionary.

But anyway, I have had it for a few weeks now and I am really loving it. So far every word I have looked up has been in there. It even has weird stuff like “Desdemona” “botheration” and “sequela” (Don’t ask me what sequela means.)

I love my new dictionary! 🙂