The bad news: We did not get to go to Good Day Books. It was too far out of the way from our main stops of the Asakura Museum in the morning, and friends’ house in the afternoon.

The good news: We went to “Booktown” located in the Ocha No Mizu area of Tokyo. It has lots and lots of book stores, including English secondhand books.

First we went to a regular shop of brand-new books. Books Sanseido is about six stories high, and has some English books on the second floor.  Not really a whole, whole lot, but enough.101_4374

Next stop was a used English book store.  Honestly, the books were pretty musty.  😦  The two Japanese Children’s Stories books in the picture are great finds, except our library has both of them, so I did not buy them.  (I do love them, though.)


Next was a comic book shop.  I took photos of the various comics.  If you go behind the comics, it gets pretty pornO graphic!   It was an area filled with comics of bust-y women.   :-O  Let’s just say I did not take any photos there.


My son got four books.  The one on the left is in English.  He absolutely loves the Ultraman book.  He won’t stop reading it.  I sure wish they made Ultraman books in English.101_4387