During the snowstorm, we played Password. I have the official game, however it is so simple that a player can just think of a word on his or her own.

The reason why I own the game: Way back my son was a toddler, I was incredibly nervous about him becoming bilingual. Can we really do this? Is it possible? Can this grand experiment really work?

So, out of sheer terror, I bought a bunch of English teaching junk material. Okay, just joking. It wasn’t all junk. Some of it was useful and I’m glad I bought it. However, too much of it (like the Password game!) just wasn’t necessary.

What’s the one thing I don’t regret buying? BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS!

We have really used our books. They were great purchases. I don’t regret them.



Editted to add: There is nothing wrong with the Password game at all. It is cute, just not necessary since we can think of words on our home. In our home–like many homes in Japan–space is SEVERELY limited–no room for extras. Seriously, folks!