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This morning I said to my husband that I needed more money.

Each month we are each allotted a certain amount of money. We pay cash for most of our purchases, and this money helps us budget and save.

But despite my scrimping and saving, I am running short this month.

My first instinct is to blame it on bilingualism. I go to the library, and think: If only I could get books on outer space (stag beetles) (conserving the environment) (flags of the world) (art masterpieces) (butterfly migration) (North Korea) in English! But you know, I don’t think bilingualism is the problem. I don’t spend THAT much extra money on English. Some, yes. But not loads and loads and loads.

Here are some ways I save money:

I find the information on the internet. (However, I find the internet has errors, so I must be careful.)
I use Japanese library books with wonderful photographs and we discuss the books in English. (However, I find the Japanese library books have boogers, so I must be careful.)
I suck it up and purchase the book in English. (However, I find that this can run into money, so I must be careful.)

I am REALLY REALLY REALLY fortunate that I can get so many resources in English. So I am not complaining. Just thinking with the keyboard.

What do YOU think? Does multilingualism mean that you spend extra money?