My son does “English” every morning, and part of his studies is a journal. So today we finished the last page in this book:

This is the last page of the Scribble Scrabble book. Pardon his handwriting. It is really atrocious. I feel like handwriting is the least of our worries. I am more concerned about spelling and vocabulary and so forth.
It was freestyle and he could write anything he wanted, so he wrote silly sentences.
I like to eat ice cream.
I like games.
I want my meat.
I hate eggs.
I sell free cake.
I have my own car.

I always have him draw a picture when he is finished. He doesn’t take to time to make it good–he draws in a second a half. But anyway, I made him tell me about the illustration. (Which is him selling cake and hating eggs, and so forth.)

The Scribble Scrabble Journal is NOT anything that you can’t do with a notebook and a pen. A person can write their own questions and have their child answer them. I used to do this at the very beginning, but found it a lot of trouble to keep track of the notebook. Since it was just a regular notebook, it kept getting mislaid. This Scribble Scrabble book is OBVIOUSLY his journal, so we can’t lose it. (If I were to do tailor-made notebook again–and I am tempted–I’d have a special cover so I could easily keep track of it.)

The reason I am tempted to do a tailor-made journal is so I can write my own questions about topics I KNOW my son is interested in. So I have been considering it.