My son really likes Percy Jackson series, which is based on Greek mythology. I wanted to make sure he knew the actual myths. So I bought this book:

I actually would have preferred buying this one: but 1.) it is twice as expensive and 2.) I felt my son would enjoy a comic book form better.


I took a photo and it’s the top book. I wanted to show what it is like inside.  Isn’t it neat? (Amazon doesn’t have a “look inside” feature for this book.)

One thing I didn’t count on is that this graphic novel is really GRAPHIC. I asked my son just now, “What did you think of that Greek myths book?” and these are his exact words: “I don’t know. It was scary.”

It was scary, but a really good book. (Heck, it even scared me.  There is blood and guts, murder and suicide.)

I told my son, “You are not six years old anymore. You are eleven. These myths are important to learn.” What do you think? Too scary for an eleven year old?

Greek mythsの本を買って読みました。ちょっとこわかったけどいい本でした。この話は大事と思ういます。