I have blogged about my Japanese class before. It is totally free, run by a group of volunteers. I found out about it when I received a list of Japanese classes. All the classes were either free or low cost.

In the city where I lived previously, a program was offered whereby I could meet with a Japanese teacher (a volunteer) once a week. It was fun discussion time, and I ended up becoming good friends with my teacher.

Anyway, in my current class, it is a group of foreigners (all women) and volunteer teachers (all women except a sole man, who happens to be my teacher.) Anyway, one of the leaders has been conducting disaster awareness workshops.

Today we learned that in an earthquake, you can use public telephones for free. A Chinese woman explained it like this, “When the big one hit, I went to a public phone. It was free! First I called my husband. Then I called China. International phone calls are totally free! We talked for an hour.” We all laughed.

Now of course it has to be a REALLY BIG EARTHQUAKE, the kind that bring on endless commercials like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsRm78ZSOgc
and this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGmK_Gu8ARQ

Those of you in Japan at the time of the BIG ONE know what I am talking about.  (For those who were not in Japan~~they played non-stop news coverage of course, but occasionally took breaks with these AC commercials. They only had a few of them prepared, evidently, so they played the same ones over and over and over……………)